Family Training

Concord Mediation Center offers the required Family Parenting classes for divorcing/separating parents of minor children.

“What About the Children?” prepares separated and divorcing parents to mediate a parenting plan.  Parents learn how children may be harmed by their parents’ inappropriate communications and behaviors.  The class teaches parents to help children in their adjustment between two homes.  Parents learn methods for dealing with their children’s emotions including anger and grief.  The “What About the Children?” class also provides contact information for local resources for parents and children.

“Reaching Beyond Conflict” is a class required of parents who seek to modify decrees of dissolution and paternity. The class includes information about parenting plan provisions for child safety.  Parents learn about the harmful impact of domestic intimate partner abuse and unresolved parental conflict on children.  Parents also learn effective communication techniques and protocols.  The “Reaching Beyond Conflict” class provides information about community resources for parents and children.

For more information or to register for a parenting class, call the Concord Mediation Center at 402.345.1131.