Announcement-ODR Approval-New Board Members


September 22, 2017 – Omaha, Nebraska – Concord Mediation Center has received approval from the Office of Dispute Resolution and announced new members of its Board of Directors.

Nebraska’s Office of Dispute Resolution (ODR), part of Nebraska’s Judicial Branch, was created as part of the 1991 Dispute Resolution Act, which also created the six regional mediation centers. ODR gave approval to Concord Mediation Center, founded in 1999, to continue to serve as the approved mediation center for Douglas and Sarpy Counties during its annual ODR Advisory Committee meeting in Lincoln on August 18.

Mediation is available in all 93 counties of Nebraska and is a helpful problem solving process that empowers disputing parties to prioritize and express their wants and needs in order to arrive at a mutual agreement.

At Concord Mediation Center’s Board of Director’s annual meeting, new Board members were announced and officers were elected. New Board members are:

  • Greg London, Deputy Sheriff, Sarpy County Sheriff Department
  • Kristi Gibbs, Head of School, Brownell Talbot School
  • Mark Draper, Consultant to the Nebraska Department of Education

These new members join the existing Board members, including:

Board President – Pat Bourne, Vice President, AON
Vice President – Annie Bird, Community Leader/Volunteer
Secretary – Andy Rikli, Superintendent, Papillion LaVista Community Schools
Treasurer – Ron Volkmer, Professor of Law Emeritus, Creighton University
Cindy Ellis, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry, Munroe-Meyer Institute, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Elizebeth Murphy, President, Emspace Group
Tom Richards, Manager – Governmental Affairs and Community Relations, Omaha Public Power District

Concord Mediation Center, a non-profit organization, delivers exceptional service in mediation, facilitation and education/training in conflict resolution. The trained staff and mediators specialize in peaceful, forward-thinking, innovative methods to manage personal or professional disputes. Mediation is a voluntary, informal dispute settlement option that can be an alternative to litigation. Concord Mediation Center provides access to problem solving processes regardless of a client’s ability to pay.

“Conflict is a part of each of our personal and professional lives. Sadly, most people consider the only resolution to conflict is when one party is perceived as the ‘winner’ and the other as the ‘loser.’ Mediators work with the disputing parties to explore creative ways of approaching a problem to produce outcomes that satisfy both parties needs and interests. As a result, the parties are more likely to comply with the agreed upon resolution, as they both had ‘buy in’ to the creation of the plan,” says Concord Mediation Center Executive Director Cindy Tierney, M.Ed.

“The work we do at Concord Mediation Center is as relevant as ever. As part of our mediation, facilitation and education/training services, we continue to work with child welfare agencies, the courts and other service organizations to support children, families, businesses and communities. We are committed to finding new and creative ways to advance our outreach efforts, to bring peaceful conflict solving processes to the people in our service area,” notes Tierney.

“We are fortunate to have dedicated community and business leaders who serve on our Board. The Board’s main objective is to ensure our agency keeps its promises as described in our mission statement – ‘Concord Mediation Center creates pathways of constructive dialogue and conflict resolution through consensus building activities of mediation, facilitation and education’ – and that we are accountable for the way we do business. We are excited to have new Board members who bring enthusiasm and unique experiences to the table. The Board is focused on ensuring the organization provides effective and quality mediation services in a cost-effective manner to the people of Douglas and Sarpy Counties,” Tierney adds.

Members of the Board of Directors consist of leaders in the fields of education, business, law enforcement and marketing who volunteer their time and expertise on behalf of Concord Mediation Center.