Celebrate Mediation

Mediation Week, Conflict Resolution Day Observed in October


Let’s Celebrate Mediation!

A struggle or disagreement between people is known as a conflict, which comes from the Latin word conflingere. Conflingere means “to come together for a battle.” Conflicts can turn into multi-nation battles, but they can also occur in our home, at our office, in our school and in the community. Conflicts arise because there are needs, values or ideas that are seen to be different among people.

Since we human beings don’t always see eye to eye on things, conflict is a part of life. Yet, you can learn ways to manage conflict and diminish its harmful effects. Mediation is an alternative conflict resolution process, and it is being celebrated this month, during the American Bar Association’s (ABA) “Mediation Week,” October 15 through 21.

According to the ABA, over the last few decades the field of alternative dispute resolution has grown tremendously. The ABA recognizes that not all cases are well suited for the adversarial process and that there are multiple paths to justice, a thought that is increasingly shared by attorneys, judges and the public.

The ABA Mediation Week initiative, with the theme “Mediation, Civility and the Power of Understanding,” is a celebration of the strides undertaken to make mediation one of several appropriate dispute resolution processes.

Continuing this recognition of peaceful conflict resolution practices worldwide, the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) named Thursday, October 19, as “Conflict Resolution Day.” ACR designated the third Thursday of each October, starting in 2005, as an opportunity to:

  • Promote awareness of mediation, arbitration, conciliation and other creative, peaceful means of resolving conflict;
  • Promote the use of conflict resolution in schools, families, businesses, communities, governments and the legal system;
  • Recognize the significant contributions of peaceful conflict resolvers (including the trained staff and affiliates at Concord Mediation Center!); and
  • Obtain national synergy by having celebrations across the country and around the world on the same day.

This month, dedicated dispute resolution practitioners are helping to educate the public about mediation and other innovative conflict management processes. The ABA and ACR, as well as numerous other organizations, are working to raise awareness of the importance of mediation and conflict resolution.

How Can You Celebrate Mediation?

We encourage you to learn more about the processes of mediation, facilitation and conflict resolution education by visiting our website, www.concordmediationcenter.com. You are also invited to “friend” us on Facebook, for ongoing mediation insights as well as inspiring messages of peace.

Business Trainings Coming Soon!

We are planning a series of workshops for businesses, teaching managers and supervisors about conflict, how to deal with it effectively and learn more about how Concord Mediation Center can customize programs to help your business succeed! More details to come!