Child-Centered Divorce

Why Mediate Your Parenting Plan?

Child-Centered Divorce

Child-Centered Divorce occurs when you are going through a divorce and you put your child’s best interests first during the process. January is “Child-Centered Divorce Month,” but we observe this tenet every day of the year.

Despite any negative emotions you feel toward the other parent, focusing on what is truly best for your kids can help avoid or minimize the negative effects on children when the end of a parental relationship takes place.

A Parenting Plan is a vital part of a Child-Centered Divorce. This plan helps parents living in different homes think through all aspects of their child’s life. A Parenting Plan can be created in the courts, by the parents through attorneys or with the assistance of a trained mediator.

Why mediate your Parenting Plan?

  • Mediation is an informal, confidential process guided by our mediators.
  • Our mediators will help you work through complicated emotions, so that your focus is on your child’s future.
  • Mediation offers a high rate of compliance with your agreement, since both parents worked together to create the Parenting Plan, with terms and conditions included.
  • By participating in mediation, you may improve communication with the other parent, and learn problem solving skills so you can handle future disagreements with your co-parent. (These are skills you can apply to all of your personal and professional relationships.)
  • The most important outcome? Happy, well-adjusted children.

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