Generations around the Table Program

Generations Around the Table serves families grappling with the changes that occur as family members transition from one stage of life to another.  Concord Center facilitators lead family meetings where all persons are heard as they develop a realistic plan to solve one or more challenges.  Generations Around the Table helps families to navigate life’s changing circumstances with dignity, grace and wisdom.

While each family faces unique trials, typical challenges include:

  • Long-Term Care of a Family Member:  When a family member’s living situation needs to change, the family must decide about the residence, medical services, finances and legalities.
  • Medical Needs of a Family Member:  When a medical issue creates a crisis, the family will address the family member’s continuity of care and living situation as well as communication styles, educational needs and legal questions.
  • Information Sharing Between Family Members:  The family seeks to share information or resolve differences about family traditions, relationships or history as examples.
  • Estate Planning or Distribution of an Estate:  Family members may discuss funeral planning, division of assets such as the family home plus other financial and legal consequences.
  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren:  When grandparents become guardians of minor grandchildren, the family may need to resolve issues of residence, visitation, and finances.
  • Re-Marriage of a Family Member:  The decision of an elderly parent to re-marry may greatly affect grown children who hold concerns about their parent’s safety and finances in addition to emotional and legal issues.

Benefit that family members may realize from participating include:

  • Family members gain a perspective with a trained expert on communication;
  • Family members prevent problems by anticipating situations that may cause disputes;
  • Experts such as care managers and other providers educate the family;
  • Family members focus on strengths and abilities rather than limitations;
  • Facilitators encourage uninvolved family members to participate;
  • Family members express wishes and desires that were previously unspoken;
  • Family members take responsibility for their actions;
  • Family members achieve consensus which yields greater compliance than other processes; and
  • Family members formulate a written plan with specific responsibilities to accomplish.



Generations Around the Table incorporates two primary services.  Facilitated Decision Making develops partnerships among family members, friends and community members, and service providers to build on a family’s strengths.  Facilitated Decision Making works best when a family must resolve more than one issue.  Mediation is a voluntary, confidential problem-solving process that promotes respectful, constructive communication between two or more family members in conflict.  Mediation is preferred for families with one issue to be resolved.

To access Generations Around the Table, any family member may contact Concord Center by telephone or e-mail. Concord Center will provide the following: a safe and confidential setting for their meeting; professional facilitators who use an interest-based process to guide the family in healthy resolution building; the opportunity for family members to dialogue with each other as they create a plan for resolving their challenges; and a copy of the plan for everyone who participated.  Family members may reconvene at any time to revise their plan or if another issue arises.