Focus on Children

Divorcing Parents: Put Your Child’s Needs Ahead of Your Own

“It’s like when something you really love breaks and you can’t put it back together.”

“When my parents are fighting, I feel like I have to be the peacemaker.”

“Sometimes, I feel that it’s my fault my mom moved out.”

These are actual statements made by children talking about their parents’ divorce, in the documentary film “Divorce Through Kids’ Eyes.”

This video is featured in Concord Mediation Center’s “What About the Child” class. The Parenting class is designed to explore the life-changing and at times,frightening, separation of children’s parents.

January is Child-Centered Divorce Month, and we encourage all parents to act and behave in their child’s best interests.

When you focus on what is best for your kids and not what is self-serving nor turns out to be retribution toward your former partner, you will have a child-centered divorce.

The most powerful action divorcing parents can take to protect their children is to pledge not to expose them to adult conversations, adult situations or adult arguments.

Simple Exercise for ALL parents, married or divorced

The next time you are about
to get into an argument with the other parent,
do this:

Take out a photo of your children
or create a mental picture of your kids.
Look at those sweet, innocent faces
and repeat the following:

“I know that what I am about to do
is damaging to you and
may affect you forever.

But at this moment,

Is it more important to
indulge my anger
than focus on
your well-being?”

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