How Your Donation Helps

Making a Difference in the Lives of Children, Families and Communities

How Your Donation Helps

A child can sleep more peacefully, no longer anxious about where he’ll lay his head to rest on which nights…
The child’s parents mediated a Parenting Plan at Concord Mediation Center. This plan will provide specifics for parenting their children from two homes now, instead of one.

An elderly couple can go about their daily routine, no longer feeling like they were targets of vandals who spray painted angry words on their garage…
The retired couple met with one of the vandals during a Victim Youth Conference at Concord Mediation Center, learning that the act of vandalism was random. The teenager involved learned about the impact his behavior had on others and agreed to reimburse the couple for their clean-up efforts.

Members of a corporate board of directors finish their annual planning retreat facilitated by Concord Mediation Center, confident in the knowledge that each viewpoint was heard and validated, and that the company’s future is secure for another year…
The company’s leaders were pleased to work with a professional facilitator for their meeting, arranged through Concord Mediation Center. The business’s accounting department was happy that this process was both time- and cost-effective.

Adult siblings can work together via a facilitated meeting regarding their mother’s skilled nursing needs, having cleared the air over old arguments and perceived slights…
The brother and sister sat down with trained facilitators at Concord Mediation Center and created a plan for their aging parent’s care, putting their mother’s needs above their own.


Last year, Concord Mediation Center worked with people just like those noted above – people in Sarpy and Douglas Counties – people who are experiencing conflict.

The non-profit agency works with people involved in:

  • parenting plan mediations,
  • victim youth conferences,
  • workplace conflicts,
  • elder care mediation,
  • small claims court disputes,
  • consumer-merchant issues,
  • special education concerns,
  • child abuse/child welfare cases, and
  • landlord-tenant disagreements.

This equates to hundreds of individuals who will sleep more peacefully tonight.

When you donate to Concord Mediation Center, we can continue to help children, families and communities. Many of our clients report low- to no-incomes. But we provide services, regardless of a client’s ability to pay. Your generous donations help subsidize the cost of services.

Since 1999, Concord Mediation Center has provided alternative dispute resolution services. These services can be less adversarial, more time- and cost-effective than those involving the legal system and can help ease the caseloads of our over-burdened courts.

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Thank you in advance for your support of this important cause!

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