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The Executive Director of Concord Mediation Center leads Concord Mediation Center in fulfilling its mission, vision and values. Concord Mediation Center promotes a just and peaceful community by honoring all people, building their capacity, to act, and facilitating opportunities for them to engage in conflict constructively.

Education Required: Master’s Degree preferred. Bachelor’s Degree is acceptable with five years of experience in the field and advanced mediation training

Basic Mediation Training Required
Family Mediation Training Preferred
Other advanced mediation trainings such as Specialized Alternative Dispute Resolution, Victim Youth Conferencing and Child Welfare Facilitation are desirable.

Major Responsibilities and Duties:

Provides Strategic Direction for Concord Mediation Center

  • Aids the board in creating and implementing the strategic plan
  • Develops strategies to increase business and improve organizational outcomes
  • Ensures the agency has diversified funding streams in accordance with non-profit standards
  • Implements a development plan for the agency that includes but is not limited to developing relationships with local funders and foundations, grant writing and other fundraising activities.

Is accountable to the Board of Directors

  • Attends all board meetings and works with appropriate committees to prepare agenda items for board discussion. Typically, these committees are Executive Committee, Events Committee and Strategic Plan Implementation Committees.
  • Completes tasks as assigned by the Board of Directors
  • Regularly communicates with the Board of Directors particularly regarding financial information through reports, emails and phone conversations and keeps them informed of both internal and external issues
  • Assists the Board of Directors in meeting new board members and when approval comes, prepares the new board member for service to the Board of Directors
  • Provides leadership to the Board of Directors to cultivate board involvement in Concord Mediation Center and an atmosphere of productivity and commitment to Concord Mediation Center
    Aids the Board of Directors in fund and friend raising activities

Works with Director of Operations to ensure quality staff and programs are in place

  • Ensures quality staff are hired, supervised and evaluated
  • Ensures that adequate case management occurs so clients receive service which includes appropriate referral processes, scheduling, and case closure processes
  • Oversees and approves the coordination, training, selection and assignment of mediators both staff and affiliates
  • Ensures that staff and affiliate mediators have continuing educational opportunities to maintain and improve their proficiencies as mediators and facilitators
  • Ensures that all services offered at the Center have well trained mediators and facilitators to do the service
  • Creates new services and ensures program implementation
  • Provides leadership through staff meetings, and direct contact with staff and affiliate mediators

• Day-to-day operations of Concord Mediation Center

  • Attends to all matters incident to facilities management which includes but not limited to maintenance contracts, internet and phone systems, and furniture and equipment upkeep
  • Ensures that the office is run in accordance with procedures and policies approved by the Board of Directors

Manages all contracts of Concord Mediation Center

  • Ensures the agency is in compliance with those contracts
  • Ensures the contracts get updated and renewed as necessary

Ensures implementation of all board approved policies and procedures which include personnel, agency and financial policies

  • Works with the Board of Directors to ensure an annual financial audit and taxes are completed
  • Reviews and makes recommendations about new or necessary changes to all policies
  • Works closely with the agency contract accountant to ensure the annual budget is prepared, bills are paid, budget reports are prepared, and information is ready for the annual audit

Represents Concord Mediation Center in the community

  • Attends Office of Dispute Resolution required meetings and ensures Concord Mediation Center keeps its approved Center status for Douglas and Sarpy Counties
  • Maintains positive relationships with judges and the judicial system
  • Represents Concord Mediation Center at public functions and events
  • Maintains involvement in leadership groups, local, state-wide and national, that impact Concord Mediation Center
  • Serves as Concord Mediation Center’s spokesperson to the media


Send cover letter and resume to: by October 31, 2017.