Restorative Justice Practices
for Nebraska

Serving Douglas and Sarpy counties with restorative justice practices that empower youth to address and repair harm they’ve caused.

What are Restorative Justice Practices?

Rather than focus on punishment, restorative justice practices offer healing and rehabilitating alternatives to address harms done to individuals and communities. They often include a meeting between the victim and offender that’s aimed at making amends, accepting responsibility, and providing understanding.

Helping Youth Understand the Effects of Their Actions Via Restorative Justice Practices

Concord works with Nebraska’s probation and diversion, as well as community organizations, to provide grant-funded mediation and facilitation services, including:

Expedited Family Group Conference

Family members of a justice-involved youth meet to communicate about the issue and understand a plan for moving forward


A meeting aimed at understanding issues preventing youth from attending school and determining solutions to improve attendance

Juvenile Justice Facilitation

Parents, youth, and stakeholders address conflict and develop a plan for moving forward

Restorative Justice Dialogue

A meeting with youth offenders and victims (or surrogate victims) where they identify the harm caused and determine how to make amends

Healing and Empowering Restorative Justice Practices for Nebraska’s Youth

Concord Mediation Center has facilitated nearly 200 conversations in juvenile justice cases since 2011.

[Concord provides a] great way to create a plan together. They ask you questions you wouldn’t think of!”

Why Concord Mediation Center?

It’s trusted.

With our highly trained staff, you’ll experience an impartial, confidential, and evidence-based approach to problem solving. Serving Douglas and Sarpy Counties since 1999, Concord is the only state-recognized dispute resolution center in the area. Rest assured, you’re in good hands.

It’s accessible.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to resolve problems and conflict in a healthy and collaborative manner. So, we help make it possible. With grants, government assistance, and needs-based pricing, people can always seek resolution with Concord.

It’s restorative.

Conflict happens. Peace of mind is possible. Concord’s proven methods empower you to create a path forward. Relationships mend, communication lines open, and communities rebuild. Trust our experience with nearly 1,000 clients annually: resolution is within your reach.

Concord Mediation Center