Code of Ethics & Standard Practices Concord Mediation Center

Code of Ethics

Employees, affiliates, volunteers, and interns of Concord Mediation Center are responsible for maintaining the ethical standards required of mediators under the Nebraska Dispute Resolution Act and the Nebraska Uniform Mediation Act.


Persons served by Concord Mediation Center entrust its employees and affiliate mediators with important information related to their business and professional lives. All employees and affiliates will maintain confidentiality as provided in the Nebraska Dispute Resolution Act and the Nebraska Uniform Mediation Act.

As part of the Concord Mediation Center confidentiality agreement, no one is permitted to remove or make copies of records, reports, or documents without prior management approval. All confidential client and company records must be secured out of public access at the end of each workday. Care should be given so confidential information is not readily available such as through the conversations in public areas and case files being left out during the workday.

The nature of the trusting relationship granted the Center by our clients and partners requires maintenance of confidentiality even after the employee or affiliate leaves his or her work at Concord Mediation Center.

No Discrimination

While working for Concord Mediation Center, the employees and affiliates shall conduct themselves in a non-discriminatory manner with respect to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, national, or ethnic origin.

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