Concord Mediation Center’s Mission

Mission Statement
Concord Mediation Center creates pathways of constructive dialogue and conflict resolution.  We achieve our mission through the processes of mediation, facilitation and education.

Our Vision
Concord Mediation Center will be a community leader in providing progressive and empowering approaches to conflict resolution and effective decision making.

Our Core Values
Concord Mediation Center holds a set of values that provide the foundation of its relationship with all constituents and the community.

Commitment to the Future
Concord Mediation Center acknowledges the past while focusing on opportunities for the future.

Concord Mediation Center endeavors to do the right thing at the right time and to assist others in doing the same.

Concord Mediation Center provides an environment for respectful reflection, understanding alternative perspectives and building positive resolutions.

Concord Mediation Center meets people where they are while providing a safe and hopeful environment that supports empowering communication, problem solving and learning.

Community Investment
Concord Mediation Center actively promotes the betterment and interconnectedness of the Omaha community through leadership, collaboration, education, and service.